Occupational Safety and Health Act

    South Korea

    Occupational Safety and Health Act

    The South Korean Occupational Safety and Health Act (‘the Health and Safety Act’) aims to maintain and promote and the safety and health of employees by preventing industrial accident and creating comfortable working environments by establishing standards on occupation health and safety and clarifies responsibilities. The Health and Safety Act governs industrial accident which refers to cases when employees get injured, in contact with diseases, equipment and poisonous substance or die at the work place.  

    Last Updated: July 30, 2019

  • Requirements

    The Health and Safety Act applies to all businesses, workplaces and other parties involved.  

    Employer are required to observe the standards for the prevention of industrial accidents, providing their employees with information on health and safety in order to prevents employee’s health problems caused by physical fatigue, complying with the industrial accident and disease prevention policy in place.  

    Article 35 of the Health and Safety Act concerns individuals who manufacture or import machines and instruments, and obliges them to conduct a selfsafety check and states that the individual is responsible for the establishment of the safety performance of the machines and instruments. 

    In addition, Article 41 provides for the purposes of preparing and keeping of material safety data sheets by an individual who transfers or supplies a chemical and chemical-containing preparations meeting the classification standards prescribed by the Ministry of Employment and Labour. The individual is required to provide a document to the person to whom the chemicals are transferred to, including the following: 

    • name and ingredients of the chemicals; 
    • health and safety precautions for handling the chemical; and  
    • the chemical’s impact on the human body and the environment. 
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