Environmental Protection and Management Act


    Environmental Protection and Management Act

    The Environmental Protection and Management Act (Chapter 94A) (EPMA) consolidates the laws relating to environmental pollution control, provides for the protection and management of the environment and resource conservation, and safe management of hazardous waste. 

    Last Updated: July 30, 2019

  • Requirements

    Part X of EPMA establishes environmental pollution control measures. In particular, Section 35(1) of EPMA states that no principal contractor (a person who has entered into a contract with an owner, a developer or a lessee of a property or his agent for the purpose of carrying out any construction works) of a construction site who has control over the construction site shall permit any person to commit the offences of:  

    • using combustible materials, fuel burning equipment or industrial plants in areas prohibited by the Director-General of Environmental Protection (DG) (Section 14 of EPMA); 
    • discharging or permitting discharging of oil, chemical, sewage or other polluting matter into any drain or land without written permission by the DG (Section 15 of EPMA); and 
    • discharging or causing discharging of toxic substance into inland water so as likely to cause pollution (Section 17 of EPMA).

    Where such offences occur, it will be presumed that the principal contractor had control over the construction site, had knowledge of and permitted the offence (Section 35(2) of EPMA). 

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